Apple “spaceship” campus could be home to its electric car business

Apple Logo

Apple has leased a large piece of land in Sunnyvale, California, where it plans to build its new “spaceship” campus.

The building will hold 3,000 employees and will be 770,000 square feet. Holy office building! The building even has its own website,, which suits it because it’s pretty much planned to look like a spaceship.

Apple has given the green light to its electric car – Project Titan – so it’s only reasonable to think this will be where the car will be built.

Apple has also been acquiring more land recently – 70 acres in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and San Jose.

Check out the pics below!

Apple Spaceship Campus 1
Apple Spaceship Campus 2
Apple Spaceship Campus 3

Apple Spaceship Campus 4
Apple Spaceship Campus 5

Apple Spaceship Campus 6

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