Ford: 380,000 vehicles to be recalled

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1) 342,000 older Windstar Minivans that were recalled once before for rear axles are being called back to make sure they were fixed properly. The years affected are 1998-2003.

The original recall installed a reinforcement bracket to help “keep things under control” if stress caused the rear axle to break.

“A bracket incorrectly installed could limit the effectiveness of that recall repair,” Ford said, adding that they have received reports of a small number of crashes, but no injuries, related to this issue.

If your bracket was installed incorrectly, your rear axle will be replaced. If your bracket was installed correctly, you will receive a $300 incentive to replace your rear axle at a reduced cost. The offer is good for one year with unlimited mileage.

2) 37,000 2015 F-150 trucks: potential problem with adaptive cruise control. Per Ford, when passing a large, highly reflective truck, the radar for the adaptive cruise control could think the truck is in front of the F-150 and apply the brakes. Ford had one crash reported on this issue.

3) 70 2001-08 Escapes and Mercury Mariners with re-manufactured transmissions. The shift lever could disengage from the transmission without warning due to the shift control lever bolt not being tightened properly. This can cause loss of gear selection and the vehicle could roll away. Ford has no reports of crashes or injuries associated with this issue.

4) 250 2015 Taurus and Lincoln MKS, as well as 2015 Explorers could have a fuel tank attachment bolt issue. If the bolts haven’t been tightened correctly, the straps can break, causing a loosening of the fuel tank and possible leak or fire.

5) 1,500 2016 F-53 and F-59 stripped chassis vehicles shift control brackets may have not been manufactured properly, causing the vehicle to shift into reverse without applying the brakes.

6) 700 2016 Fusions and Lincoln MKZ could have fuel tanks that were improperly manufactured and could crack in a crash, violating U.S. Safety Standards.

Ford owners, how does it make you feel reading this?

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