Man smashed his $175,000 Mercedes

Marcedes Smash

The man allegedly snapped after being told the dealership wouldn’t come pick-up his car and replace it.

The story goes that the 33-year old experience stalling issues on multiple occasions in his S-Class AMG, and after the customer had made his dealer aware, he was assured that he would get his money back if the vehicle’s issues continued to occur.

Leaving the man stranded once again (and this time with his family on board), he headed to the dealership on the spot, but things didn’t turn out as expected. Let’s be honest, a constantly stalling vehicle can lead to issues much greater than a journey delay, safety concerns are the bigger issue here.

His response was to park said Mercedes on the sidewalk in front of the dealership and have at it with a golf club (one of his own clubs, I might add).

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