Tesla Model S P85D Broke Consumer Reports’ Test Scale (and site)

Tesla Model S P85D

As I’m doing research for this particular post, I had intended to link to Consumer Reports’ test results, but alas, their site has crashed. Here’s the link for those of you who don’t believe me: Consumer Reports. *Note: 9:32am EST is the last time I checked the page to see if it worked, so if it does happen to work for you, would you please comment here so I can update this post? You will?! Awesome! Thanks!

So anyway, Consumer Reports was testing the Tesla Model S P85D and, because of their rating system, earned a 103 out of 100. “It kind of broke the system,” said Jake Fisher, director of the magazine’s auto test division.

After they’d listed all of the electric car’s attributes, such as improved handling and stopping power, Fisher also said, “We’re seeing numbers we haven’t seen before. So this kind of blew out the system. We’re giving it a score of 100.”

Consumer Reports had to reconfigure their rating system because of this. They also didn’t require a subscription to view the ratings for this particular car. I guess that’s why their site crashed.

Here’s the Consumer Reports video on the Tesla Model S P85D:

Now they’re not saying this is the best car they’ve ever tested. Why? A $127,820 price tag on the tested model and only 250 miles on a single charge. Hell, a Humvee gets more mileage per tank than that!

“This car goes from 0 to 1.06Gs in less than a quarter of a second,” Consumer Reports’ autos editor Mark Rechtin says. That speed is also in “Insane” mode. According to Tesla, “Ludicrous” mode gets to 60mph in 2.8 seconds.

At the time of this posting, Tesla’s stock had also risen from previous weeks to $242.99 per share. Nice work, Tesla!

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