Tianjin Updates: Toyota to Resume Operations and Work Safety Chief Fired


Wednesday this week (August 26) Toyota announced they will “gradually” resume operations starting Thursday (August 27).

“From tomorrow (August 27), we will be gradually restarting production (at the affected plants is Tianjin). We will continue to prioritize safety above everything else, and will proceed with caution while monitoring the situation.” according to a statement the company issued.

China has kicked to the curb the head of their work safety regulator, Yang Dongliang, for corruption. The new total of confirmed deaths is at 139 and 34 people are still missing.

In a short statement, Xinhua said Yang has been released from the title of chief of the State Administration of Work Safety. He also used the usual euphemism for corruption, saying Yang is suspected of “serious breaches of discipline and the law”, according to the report.

President Xi Jinping has vowed that authorities should learn the lessons paid for with blood.

Again, this story is still developing, so I’ll keep y’all posted.

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