Is Apple Making a Car? All Reports Point to Yes.

Apple Logo

“Project Titan” seems to be the autonomous car Apple brought on top-level experts to make. The Guardian has gotten hold of notes between Apple engineer Frank Fearon and officials from GoMentum Station, a highly secure testing facility designed especially for autonomous vehicles.

In correspondence obtained by the Guardian under a public records act request, Apple engineer Frank Fearon wrote: “We would … like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using [it].”

The GoMentum Station site has 5,000 acres with 20 miles of paved roadway, including overpasses, railroad crossings, tunnels, and more. They call it “the largest secure test facility in the world”.

GoMentum Station is operated by The Contra Costa Transportation Authority. Formed in 1988 by Contra Costa voters to manage the transportation sales tax program for the county and oversee transportation planning efforts for the county.

Apple has not commented on the notes that have been obtained, and still maintains secrecy, with Frank Fearon signing his simply with a question mark. (Random, I now imagine he has an alternate personality. One called E. Nygma. Who gets it?).

GoMentum is under a confidentiality agreement with Apple not to disclose any information, other than “Apple is interested”.

Apple also has not released any photos of Project Titan, but here are some from the GoMentum Station site:

gomentum station gomentum station gomentum station

Tell us below how you’d feel about an Apple car? I mean, do you wait in line at the Apple Store to have it repaired, like you do with iPhones, iPads, and iPods? Could you imagine?! “Hey boss, yea, no, I’m not gonna make it in. The Apple store says it’s gonna be about 3 days wait just to be seen to talk to someone about what’s wrong with my car…and I can’t drive it”

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