GM Settles Death Claims…

GM Faulty Ignition

…but approves 274 injury cases, of which 124 resulted in death. The review was conducted by a company-appointed review team. Company-appointed, huh? Smells fishy, right?

There were 4,342 claims filed against GM! That’s 91% rejected. REJECTED! Guess how many of those rejected resulted in death? 388. What?! GM makes me puke a little in my mouth. Ok, fine, earlier this year the federal government said GM isn’t responsible for the deaths because they filed Chapter 11 and got a bailout. Click here for our article on that.

According to Camille Biros, “victims or survivors have 90 days from receipt of an offer to decide if they will accept it. Many of the accepted offers, she said, still have not been paid ‘pending releases and/or other required payment documentation.’ ”

Excuse me, Camille, who are you who are you and your fund to put a price on anyone’s lives, let alone put a 90 day decision period on whether they even want your red-taped, bureaucratic bs?

Oh, and we’re still waiting on the Department of Justice to decide if they’re going to press criminal charges against GM for all these deaths and injuries. More bureaucratic nonsense.

“The fund” is directed by Ken Feinberg, the same guy who administered funds for victims of the 9/11 attacks, Boston Marathon bombing, Virginia Tech shootings, BP oil spill, and other tragedies. (Again, I smell fish).

This whole mess is absurd, yet GM still refuses to take proper responsibility for their failure.

So, how is it they keep winning awards and end up on “best” whatever lists year after year? Tack on all their recognized-and-action-taken-on failures of recalls; Takada alone effected how many GM models?

Sorry, GM, but you seem to have let a lot more born-and-raised GM girls down than just me. This is definitely one wagon I’m glad I got off of a few years ago (and not just for this nonsense of recalls and such, but for what the hell are they building and labeling cars?!).

What are your thoughts on GM the past few years?

UPDATE: As of 10:20am (shortly after this was posted), I received news that the Justice Department is close to a decision on whether to charge GM criminally, a fine expected to top $1.2 million, the number of deaths was actually 350, and that they’ve denied 5 of the final 6 claims against them.

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