Watch Out! Invisible Cars are Coming!

Mercedes Invisible Car

So we thought this was pretty cool. Whether we like it or not, technology is fast becoming the way of the future. Recently we have seen car manufacturers value tech as much as comfort and speed (I’m looking at you, Tesla) and while all of this tech is not necessary, we can’t debate the allure of having our daily drivers be safer for ourselves and our families. CNet recently did a video where they previewed five manufacturers and the “invisible” technology they have been working on. Here is a quick overview:

Nissan is doing something really cool – SMART REARVIEW MIRRORS! a rear facing camera is attached to the back bumper which feeds an image to the rearview mirror, eliminating obstacles on or within the vehicle (animals/packages/people in the backseat, car pillars).

Jaguar will be upholstering their interior pillars with flexible display materials that are fed by exterior cameras, rendering those pesky pillars see-through so you can see that bicyclist that has no regard for the laws of the road.

Not to be outdone by their big sister, Land Rover has plans to equip their luxury SUVs with a “full width hub” on the lower portion of the windshield and a “chin mounted camera” allowing drivers to SEE THRU(!) the engine bay.

We all saw last month that Samsung was installing their pickup trucks with LCD displays of the view in front of them.


Not to be outdone by the big boys, Mini with Qualcomm has created a pair of bug-eye glasses that your friends will laugh at – until they see the cool stuff this little piece of technology can do. In addition to displaying info like a speedometer, GPS, and maps these augmented reality glasses gives the driver x-ray vision when parking and checking for blind spots.

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