Ram has a Patent for Retractable Ramps

Ram Logo

Well guys. I think Ram has outdone themselves this time. Following a early 2014 application, patent 9,067,525 was granted on June 30. Deyan Ninov – a Chrysler Group Exterior Designer, Joseph S. Dehner – the Head of Ram and Mopar design, and Gregory A Howell – Chief Designer at Ram were awarded that patent number for an adjustable loading ramp system for a vehicle. What does this mean for you?Ram Truck Bed Ramps

Well, for starters it means you can load your Ram’s bed easier. Don’t have buddies available to help you move your couch? No problem, just hook up the ramp and slide it in and drop it off at the dump yourself. The ramps sit in special grooves in the bed and slide out and attach to the tailgate via the grooves shown.Ram Ramp





Once everything is attached, you will have a fully functioning ramp to load all of your valuables (or junk). Are you ready to make your loads easier? What’s the first thing you’ll put on your bed with ease?

Ram Ramps


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