Ford Recalls Close to 450,000 Vehicles for Glitchy Tech

Ford Recall

If you drive a Ford, time to check for recalls (again) – especially if your ride is a C-Max, Escape, or a Focus. The problem is with the body control module:  sometimes the vehicle does not shut off after turning the ignition off – even in a push-to-start (and turn off) vehicle. So, hopefully you don’t have a full tank of gas when this happens. No accidents or injuries have been reported thusfar, so make sure you take your Fords to the dealership to have it repaired, at no cost to you (other than time and an inconvenience).

Of the close to 450,000 Fords affected by this latest glitch, almost 400,000 were located within the United States and its territories; the rest were located in Canada and Mexico.

By the way, for those keeping track, this is the 17th recall for the current gen Escape.

Any guesses on when/what will be in the next recall?

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