Cameras on the 2017 Ford Super Duty Will Have You “Peeking” Around Corners

2017 Ford Super Duty

Ford is rolling out their next Super Duty model and – Boy! is there talk of some pretty interesting things going on with that beast – well, at least one pretty damn interesting thing. The 2017 model will have seven – yeah, SEVEN – cameras installed, compared to the five installed on the current model.. In addition to a backup camera (which Ford is saying will be standard on most vehicles from its brand’s models starting in 2018), there will also be a forward facing camera located in the grille. They also claim to have a split view camera to allow drivers to see around corners at a speed of less than 7 MPH (who is driving this slow, ever?!). Allegedly, the auto giant will also offer lane change assistance and a Pro Trailer Backup Assist.

According to

“The cameras will not necessarily permit the driver to see around corners as some might tend to believe. You know the BMW Side View function? It employs two cameras built into the front wheel arches, which you can activate to take a peek left and right in a busy intersection.”

So, basically no one knows how great this will be until we drive it and see if we can dart into traffic because we see no oncoming vehicles. Who volunteers as a tester?

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