Fiat Chrysler is Trying to Find a Buyer, Wants Industry to Merge

We won’t lie. At first, we were hesitant at the idea of Fiat buying out Chrysler.

And can you blame us? I mean admit it… when you heard Dodge and Jeep were going to be owned by the same company that makes these pathetic ladybugs (show fiat 200) you were a little worried too.

dWell, Chrysler has done nothing but impress since their merger. They sold a million Jeeps without turning the Wrangler into a soccer mom car, made sure RAM stuck with steel in their trucks, and is arguably making the most American car on the market today. The 707 horsepower Hellcat. It’s still hard to believe that this (hellcat), is sharing any blood with that (fiat 200).

So with all that in mind, why is Sergio Marshone Marchionne now putting a giant FOR SALE sign over FCA?

Well, let’s see what Ken has to say about all of it in our video above.

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