Jay Leno Showcases Classic 1936 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

A strong case could be made that the 1936 Harley Davidson “Knucklehead” is the most important and most iconic Harley of all-time. Why? Well, because the styling on this bike revolutionized the entire Harley lineage, including all of the bikes you see today!

lenoTo give that some further perspective, think about this: could we really pinpoint one car or truck that is equally influential within its own lineage?? I don’t think so, and that shows you just how important this specific ride is!

Some other interesting facts about the 1936 Harley Knucklehead include: this was the first year to feature the oval gas tank and the first year to feature the overhead valve V-twin. Impressive, right? Also, in regards to the “Knucklehead” name, the bike was nicknamed this because of the shape of the engine, which many say is very similar to, of course, a knuckle.

To see more of this iconic bike, click on the video above and enjoy!!

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