Is Lamborghini About to Drop a New SUV???

Lamborghini has long been the standard for ULTIMATE luxury and the benchmark for bloated, pompous wealth. Well, get this… the unbelievably exclusive brand is now actually thinking about expanding their prestigious line-up by adding an SUV to their line-up.

According to reports, this expansion may be driven by the Italian government, which is looking for any possible way to add jobs inside of the country. To help propel this move, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has even stated that the government would be willing to offer as much as $111 million in tax breaks to make this happen.

urus2If Lamborghini did agree to these terms, they would also be agreeing to turn the Urus prototype into a production vehicles. For those of you that don’t remember, the Urus originally debuted way back in 2012 at the Beijing Auto Show before eventually being placed on the back burner.

So, will this Lambo agree to these terms?

In an e-mailed statement, parent brand Audi says, We haven’t decided on the series production of the Lamborghini Urus yet. Once this has been clarified, the question about the production location will be posed.”

Sounds pretty optimistic, right?

If the Urus does make it to production, it will then be preparing to face-off against the Aston Martin DBX as the world’s most popular super-rich crossover. Audi reps seem optimistic about their chances in that competition, and they should. Over the past few years, Lamborghini sales have been back on the rise.

In fact, last year, their deliveries rose more than 19 percent as the company delivered an all-time record 2,530 cars. With a new crossover, executives believe that number would easily rise above 3,000. “From an entrepreneurial perspective, it’s an opportunity,” Audi Chief Executive Officer Rupert Stadler said in an interview with Bloomberg.

What do you think? Would you like to see more Lamborghini options out on the road? or do you think they should stay more exclusive?

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