Caught on Camera: Motorcyclist Wedged Underneath F-150

Over the weekend, an unbelievable video of a motorcyclist wedged under a red F-150 in Corona, California went viral. In the video, we see a group of Good Samaritans surrounding the rider, working to help him out of the precarious situation.

Video of the incident was captured by Byron Holeman on the 91 Freeway. According to Holeman, he noticed something dragging underneath the truck and thought it was a bumper. After a few seconds, however, he realized that it was actually a man, and with the help of a few other drivers, they managed to get the truck to pull over.

trHoleman says, ” I walk up to the guy, I put one knee down, I can see he’s kind of groggy everybody gets out, we’re trying to figure out how to help him out, do we lift the car up, do we get jacks?”

In the video, viewers can hear the motorcyclist screaming in fear, terrified for his life. Fortunately, helpers eventually worked to jack the truck up and get the rider out, helping him to survive the bizarre and horrifying scene.

According to reports, the rider– who was wearing all of his protective gear– only suffered minor injuries, but was taken to a trauma center as a precaution.

“It was a pretty high anxiety moment, I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Holeman said about the scene.


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