AMAZING Master Cut of Quentin Tarantino’s Driving Shots

In November of this year, Quentin Tarantino’s 10th movie– The Hateful Eight— will debut. Not surprisingly, all of the Tarantino groupies are already foaming at the mouth to see it. They’ve been so anxious, in fact, that the script was actually stolen and leaked online, prompting Tarantino to almost abandon the project altogether.

Fortunately, that abandonment did not happen, though, and we will all soon be able to enjoy another Tarantino-built world. That means pulpy, thought provoking dialogue; violence and drugs; and tons of revenge (which has more and more become a Quentin staple).

marvinAlso, for gear heads, a new Tarantino movie also means a whole lotta wild driving sequences. In fact, over the past two decades, Tarantino has brought us some of the most iconic driving sequences in film history. There’s been “bitches O.D.-ing,” “motherfuckers getting shot in the face,” and damn near everything in between. Shoot, Tarantino’s Death Proof movie was even all about a mad man driving around in his stunt car, looking to wreak havoc on the world around him.

When talking about this flick and his overall love for live-action car chases in film, Tarantino said, “CGI for car stunts doesn’t make any sense to me—how is that supposed to be impressive? […] I don’t think there have been any good car chases since I started making films in ’92—to me, the last terrific car chase was in Terminator 2. And Final Destination 2 had a magnificent car action piece. In between that, not a lot. Every time a stunt happens, there’s twelve cameras and they use every angle for Avid editing, but I don’t feel it in my stomach. It’s just action.”

Now, in celebration of Tarantino’s new film and his use of driving shots, a Master Cut has been released for all of his fans. Check it out at the top of this page and enjoy the aster at work!!

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