Kahn Showcases Latest Creation: Flying Huntsman 105 Defender Pickup

Kahn has been going balls to the wall lately, debuting some serious strength and fire power. Earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, off-road junkies salivated at Kahn’s monstrous 6×6 Flying Huntsman. Now, today at the Great British Land Rover Show at Donnington Park , it’s happening all over again with the company’s latest reveal, the Flying Hunstman 105 Defender Pickup.

Okahn2nce again dipping into the off-road world, Kahn is debuting this mean machine at a pricey $89,000. Pretty pricey?? Well, it may just be worth it. The truck is based on Kahn’s previous generation Defender 90, but is amped up to an insane degree. The company decided to add over 15 inches to the truck’s wheelbase and front end, as well as another 6 inches to its width. The truck also features brand new fenders, wheel arches, headlamps, bumpers, grille, hood, side steps, and 18-inch wheels.

Underneath the hood, Kahn decided to move away from the V8 that was featured in the Flying Huntsman SUV, and instead went with a 2.2-liter diesel that pushes through all 4 wheels via a button-operated six-speed automatic transmission.

So, what do you think about Kahn’s latest debut?? Ugly? Too pricey? Or just right?? Let us know in the comments below!!

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