Jay Leno Showcases a True Classic: the 1937 Talbot-Lago Type 150 CS

Back in 1937, this tear drop shaped vehicle was an absolute stunner, showcasing the variety and exotic ideas coming from the time period. No doubt, if produced today, this same type of fan-fare would still exist for the ride.

The style, however, was not the only appeal of the vehicle when it was initially released. Comparatively, this ride also featured a mechanically advanced setup, using 130-horsepower sixes mated to pre-select gearboxes.

In last week’s episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Leno visited the official keeper of this spectacular ride, Peter Mullin. Much like Leno, Mullin is an avid collector and enthusiast. His specialties are a bit different, though, as he focuses on Art Deco cars of the 1930s. It’s a love and passion so strong that Mullin has even opened his own museum in Oxnard to showcase his collection. Check out more about the Talbot and Mullin in the video above!


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