Hillary Clinton’s Official Campaign Van Is from GM…. Why Not Ford?

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has spent the last week driving cross-country with the Secret Service in a Chevrolet van, ultimately hoping to woo some of the all-important Iowa voters. This got us to wondering… why did Hillary decide to go with GM over Ford??

The answer here is simple, of course. Hillary wants to stand by the bailout and flaunt her support of GM. She wants to champion American industry and the support that we all give each other because, well, that’s what Hillary is all about. Or so she says.

But if Hillary was all about American industry, wouldn’t she have driven a Ford? I mean, hasn’t GM gotten enough of her support already? Haven’t they gotten enough of our support?

I know, I know… nitpicking over what van Ms. Clinton drives might sound absurd and petty. But hey, everything that she (and every other politician) does is calculated. It’s meant to stand for something, for what they believe in.

hillSo, when you think of Hillary Clinton and her Chevy, ask yourself: Why not Ford? Why doesn’t Hillary show some love for the company that didn’t need a bailout? For the company that held good business practices?

After all, isn’t that the type of thing we all should be supporting in this country??

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