Ford Plans ENORMOUS $2.5 Billion Investment in Mexico

This Friday, in celebration of their 90th anniversary inside of Mexico, Ford is expected to announce that they will invest approximately $2.5 billion in Mexico as part of their global expansion plan. This would, no doubt, be a wise investment for Ford as Mexico’s auto industry is currently booming.

According to a report from Reuters, Ford will be plopping down about $1.3 billion to expand its manufacturing plant in northern Chihuahua, a locale that houses the building of two of their lineup’s diesel engines. The other $1.2 billion is then headed for a transmission plant found in central Guanajuato.

ford2If done, this would be the largest move by Ford inside of Mexico since 2008, when they invested a whopping $3 billion towards expansion. Currently, Ford is Mexico’s fourth largest manufacturer. But as seen in recent weeks, Ford has had ambitions to reach higher and expand all across the world. This is certainly a worthwhile move for that.

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