Crew Chief Drilled During IndyCar Pit Stop

Back before 1991, IndyCar races had no rule restrictions when it came to the speed limit on pit road. After a number of horrific accidents, however, including a pit lane accident in which NASCAR driver Bill Elliott killed one of his team members, the rules were changed to what they are today: drivers can not go faster than 60 MPH.

Thank God for that rule!

Over the weekend, in the inaugural Grand Prix of New Orleans, driver Francesco Dracone came flying into pit road, wildly hitting crew chief Todd Phillips. The entire incident was caught on tape (above), and fortunately Phillips escaped with only a gash on his calf muscle and a cut on his nose. Check out the scary clip above.

Post hospital trip, Todd Phillips posted to his Facebook, “I guess the cat is out of the bag. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to walk away with only 6 stitches!”

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