Shelby Baja 700 Amps Up the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor to Over 700 HP

Who doesn’t love the Ford F-150 Raptor SVT?? Sickos, that’s who. This thing is a behemoth of an off-road machine, and it’s undeniable. But what if I told you that things could get even better in regards to the Raptor?

Well, that’s what Shelby American has just helped to do with their latest creation: the Baja 700.

“The Shelby Raptor became a star the moment we launched it at the New York Auto Show in 2012,” says Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American. “Carroll had a love for trucks and brought his high performance, ‘Texas style’ to the drawing board when he envisioned the Shelby Raptor. This special edition Shelby Baja 700 builds on that vision, as it was created to conquer any terrain.”

shelbyNow firing out more than 700 horsepower, the Baja 700 upgrade has amped up the Raptor with a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger, a Borla exhaust system, larger throttle bodies, and heavy-duty heat exchangers linked up to the truck’s beastly V8 engine.

Of course, the performance upgrades aren’t just limited to under the hood. The Baja 700 also has an upgraded suspension system. There are no exact details on the upgrades, except that Shelby has named it a “competition suspension.”

Senior Shelby designer and test driver, Vince LaViolette says, “The off-road performance suspension system allows the Shelby Baja 700 to go most anywhere and stand out as it does so. We believe that we’ve built a truck with ultimate performance and off-road capabilities.”

If you want to snag one of these bad boys, though, make sure you act fast. There will only be 50 build-ups, each of which will go for $45,000 plus the original cost of the Raptor. Pricey, but still, I’d say it’s worth it.





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