Why Exactly Isn’t Ram Making a Midsize Pickup?

Dodge Ram is like the little brother of Chevy and Ford. Sure, they have some nice trucks that are kind of unique and have some upside, but nobody really gives them their full respect. Why exactly is that again?? Well, after hearing Ram brand boss Bob Hegbloom’s latest announcement, it’s no wonder that the brand is always in the shadows of the other giants.

Earlier this week, Hegbloom told the press that Ram will not be looking to get into the midsize pickup game to challenge the dominating Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon . His reason??? He says that the whole midsize game is dying because of fuel economy.

“If full-size now is pushing 30 [mpg], you’re going to expect a midsize to be at least at 35,” Hegbloom said. “You’re also going to expect it to be significantly less expensive. But to bring the technology in to deliver on 35 mpg, then you’re going to raise the price.”

When it comes to his fuel economy argument, Hegbloom is absolutely right. The Colorado and Canyon pickups make no sense because they only offer 27 mpg to the full-size Ram 1500’s 29 mpg.

But guess what Hegbloom? Truck owners don’t always make sense; that’s why they drive trucks in the first place! If we always wanted what made sense, we’d get a damn Prius.

Because of that, Hegbloom’s philosophy is entirely screwed up.

Dodge used to be in the midsize game with their Dakota model

Dodge used to be in the midsize game with their Dakota model

Think about it; the Ram will never overtake the F-150 as the top dog in the full-size market. Ford has dominated that segment for decades!!! Chevy knows that, Toyota knows that, shit everybody knows that.

That’s why these competing companies have went into the midsize game. It gives them an opportunity to sell more trucks and get more followers that will, maybe, follow them up to the full-size market one day. It also, for example, helps to give someone like Chevy some extra street cred (the Colorado won numerous truck of the year awards this year).

Another thing that bothers me about Hegbloom’s statement is the pessimism. Over the least few years, the Ram’s EcoDiesel setup has helped to put the brand at the top of the fuel efficiency chart. So, why not show some ambition and translate that to the midsize game? Obviously, customers are buying and wanting these things.

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is what little brothers do. They don’t seize opportunities, and they rarely step out from their brothers’ shadows, even if they very well could.

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