Semi-Truck Blasts Out ENORMOUS Cloud of Smoke

We’ve gotten a lot feedback, and there still seems to be no consensus when it comes to what is causing this truck to billow out smoke at such an extreme rate.

Some of the more popular answers include:

1.   “This is what happens when a fuel injector gets stuck open or an oil seal in the turbo fails.”

2.    “that is rather WHITE smoke…that means coolant bro, not fuel or oil… Fuel is black smoke, oil is blue smoke, white is coolant/water.”

3.    “In a diesel, overfueling with complete combustion = black smoke. Incomplete combustion = white smoke. Lose a ring or burn a valve, and you’ll have white smoke. That truck wasn’t smoking coming down the other side, only when he got on it and built boost coming up the hill, and with that much smoke, I’d have to go with head gasket between a couple of cylinders.”




But what do you think? We need to solve the mystery.

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