Haters Keep Hating… Tesla Just Reported Record 1st Quarter Sales

Over the last few months, Tesla’s stock has dropped (about 14.1% to be exact) and investors have pulled out; some of that worry was directly tied to the company’s inability to deliver sales in China and overseas, but most of it was just plain bull shit and typical American pessimism.

Well, all of those Tesla sellouts are spanking themselves today after the company announced that they experienced record sales in the 1st Quarter of this year. What are the numbers?? Well, Tesla announced that they delivered a record 10,030 cars in the first quarter, which is a 55 percent increase from just last year! In total, the company also announced that they expect to sell upwards of 55,000 vehicles for the year– that would be a staggering 74% increase from 2014.

tesla2All of this should be no surprise, though. Tesla is leading the push in new automotive technology and has a CEO that is about as driven as any man you will ever meet.

So, if you have the money, now is the time to buy stock in Tesla (actually a few weeks ago would have been even better), and when you do, don’t sell out!

I know that if you do buy that stock your American pessimism is going to kick in. You’re going to think about there not being a successful American automaker startup in over 100 years; you’re going to think about the sustainability and growth potential for electric vehicles; and you’re going to think about your wife cheating on you and leaving you because you lost all of the money on Tesla.

But wake up! That’s just paranoia. Tesla is here to stay, and they’re only getting better. Just take a look at that massive battery factory that they’re building in Nevada. Just take a look at how they’re changing the political landscape. Just open your eyes and see that the roads are changing now more than ever, and that the auto game is wide open for new competition.

So, don’t wimp out. Take a chance on Tesla; then, sit back and enjoy your ride to the top.

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