3 Teenage Girls Rescued After Driving Off 100 Foot Cliff

Earlier this week, three teenage girls from Flagstaff, Arizona were injured after their car went off of the road and fell from a 100-foot tall cliff. The driver, 16, was ejected from the vehicle during the incident. After falling to the ground, the vehicle– in a frightening set of circumstances– then landed on top of her.

Amazingly, none of the girls were seriously hurt, including the driver– who was only treated for minor injuries. How is that possible??

cliff3According to reports, the two passenger girls, aged 16 and 17, were able to emerge from the wreckage unharmed because their seat belts protected them.  After they did emerge, they then went to find help on the road above.

As they found help,  the driver, on the other hand, remained pinned underneath the vehicle until dozens of safety personnel showed up on the scene to help. The eventual rescue ended up taking upwards of five hours, but through it all, the girl only suffered minor injuries because of a space created by a depression in the overturned car’s roof!

Insanity? Luck? Coincidence? A sign from God?

Whatever you want to call it, it was complete madness. Even the rescue workers couldn’t believe what they saw. Capt. Paul Voakes of the Pine-Strawberry Fire District said that when first-responders approached the vehicle they could only see one hand and a foot, but they could hear the girl screaming.

cliff“When we first got there, she was pretty excited as I think anybody would be,” marveled Voakes. After calming her down, the crew then used inflation bags and other gear to lift the car to get her out.

After being pulled from the wreckage, the teenage driver was then flown into Flagstaff Medical Center.

Police believe that drugs and alcohol played no part in the collision. Instead, this was just a story about a trio of high school girls that were driving too fast and not paying close enough attention.


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