Airplane Makes Emergency Landing On Top of Moving Car

Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of plane-mishap stories. There was the missing jet, and then the suicide pilot, and a million others in between. But even with all of those high publicity cases, flying in a plane is still much, much, much safer than driving in a car.

In a story Monday, however, we see the downside of both as a plane collided with a moving car after making an emergency landing on a Minnesota highway. According to reports, David Gowan, 57, was forced to land his Mooney airplane on a highway in Hawley, Minnesota after the engine of his plane unexpectedly quit!

Fortunately, the driver of the Ford Fusion– Corey Ernst, 39– narrowly avoided being killed in the frightening incident.

The official report of the incident says:

A single engine private plane took off from the Hawley airport heading west with Minot, ND being a destination. At about 1000 feet, the engine quit and the pilot had to turn and find an emergency landing spot.


Passenger in the plane along with the pilot located a clear spot on Highway 10 eastbound at MP 19. The plane made a successful emergency landing on Highway 10 eastbound. The Ford Fusion was eastbound on Highway 10 in front of the plane.


After the plane landed, it caught up to the Fusion. The driver noticed a plane behind her in her mirror as it was catching up to the car. The plane prop struck the rear of the driver’s side before she could drive into the ditch. No injuries were reported, and the plane was pushed off the roadway into a residential driveway.


The NTSB and FAA are investigating. The FAA inspector from Fargo is already on-scene. The State Patrol was assisted by Clay County Sheriff’s Department, Hawley Police Department, and the FAA.


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