Is the Lincoln Continental Gearing Up for a Comeback??

Is the Lincoln Continental making a comeback? We sure as hell hope so! Once upon a time, this car was the definition of cool, a pimp’s right hand man, a mobster’s mode of transportation–dead bodies in the trunk, cold hard cash in the glove box.

Now, according to a mysterious in-progress website (that has since been removed), a new Lincoln Continental will be debuting at the New York Auto Show next week. Wait… what?

I know this sounds a little weird, but the website was in fact up for a few hours, apparently leaked by an insider on a Ford forum. Always on the lookout, Jalopnik managed to sniff out the details and land a screen shot of the site. Those gathered details unfortunately include no pictures, but  there was this description…

“This is the new elegantly styled and boldly distinctive Lincoln Continental Concept. It represents who we are as a carmaker. It’s a culmination of learning, engineering, and envisioning what’s to come. In conceiving it, we left nothing unturned. No question went unanswered. No answer went unchallenged. In designing it, we unearthed the simple truth that elegant design can elicit highly emotive connections.”


“The Lincoln Continental Concept is everything we know about cars, and everything we understand about people. And when you bring the two together, you understand why they should never really be apart.”

Lincoln's 2002 concept car

Lincoln’s 2002 concept car

If this new debut does happen, it would be the first Lincoln since 2002– the year the car was discontinued. That same year, Lincoln also showcased their last concept version of the car at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which featured retro styling, suicide doors, and a 412 horsepower V12. Hmmm…

Some, however, are skeptical about a return for Lincoln, with many wondering if there is a market for it or if Ford has the resources to even pull it off. But those are just haters doing what haters do. Ford, over the past few years, has grown significantly on a worldwide scale, helping them reel in billions in profits. With that type of success, it would only be natural for the company to look towards expansion, especially in an area where they’ve had phenomenal success in the past. After all, if Ford wants to be the top dog, they’re going to have to aim high and take down GM, and in this regard, the almighty Cadillac.

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