You’ll Never Believe How Much They’re Charging for This “Jet Capsule”

With its base model priced at a WHOPPING $250,000 (!!!!), the Jet Capsule is being marketed as a mini-yacht for the ultra-rich. But is it actually worth that much?

Well, the company is definitely standing firm in their pricing, pointing to all of the Capsule’s capabilities and features. And what are those?

Well, as far as luxury goes, the Jet Capsule features a 24-foot long cabin that can come in several different configurations, which include sofas, a bathroom, and a kitchenette for some at-sea cooking. The little bugger is also equipped to light up at night, which we assume is for impressing you super rich friends (???) because, you know, lights are just that awesome.

jet2That doesn’t exactly sound like $250,000 worth of luxury, though, right?

Maybe, it comes through in the performance. Uhmmm guess again! Featuring a “jet propulsion system,” the Jet Capsule only gets up 57 MPH, and that’s only if you buy the company’s most powerful model!! Compared to a well-equipped Go-Fast boat (which routinely clocks in over 90 MPH), that’s pathetic!

So, why in the world would anybody pay so much for this thing? I have no idea, but when you have that type of money, I guess you have to spend it on something.


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