What Automaker Pays Their Employees the Most in the U.S.??

This week, the Center for Automotive Research dropped their latest report, indicating what automakers pay their employees. According to the report, workers at Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz in Vance, Alabama are the highest paid in the country, earning an average hourly wage of $65!!  In fact, across the board, it turns out that Mercedes Benz gives the best wages amongst automakers to United States workers.

But who came in at the other end of the spectrum?

Well, according to the report, employees at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant ($38/hour) and workers at BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant ($39/hour) are paid the least on average.

gmThe report also tells us that the United States’ Big 3 companies fall somewhere in the middle. Workers at General Motors are paid an average of $58 per hour, while Ford is right behind at $57 hour. Fiat Chrysler employees are significantly lower at only $48 hour, due significantly to the extremely low paid, entry-level workers.

This report comes out at a critical time for United States’ autoworkers, as UAW officials are preparing for a new round of contract talks with the Detroit 3. Below is a chart of the average hourly wage for each automaker operating inside of the United States…

  1. Mercedes-Benz workers: $65-hour
  2. General Motors workers: $58-hour
  3. Ford workers: $57-hour
  4. Honda workers: $49-hour
  5. Fiat Chrysler workers: $48-hour
  6. Toyota workers: $48-hour
  7. Nissan workers: $42-hour
  8. Hyundai workers: $41-hour
  9. BMW workers: $39-hour
  10. Volkswagen workers: $38-hour

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