Jay Leno Is in Awe of Fab Fours’ Legend Off-Road Monster

When 4wheelonline went to SEMA last year, no vehicle drew more attention than the Legend– built by aftermarket bumper juggernaut Fab Four.

All week long, people crowded around this beastly off-road machine to get a better look, and who can blame them? The Legend– which is based on the almighty Jeep Wrangler– sits on 50-inch tires and a jacked-up sky-high suspension. That alone could make any gearhead wet himself. But the machine doesn’t stop there. It also features some intimidating fenders and what the company calls a “grumper,” which turns the bumper and grille into one fully integrated piece.

So, were we surprised to see this thing make it onto Jay Leno’s Garage? Absolutely not. That’s because we know that Jay only messes with the best and most interesting vehicles, and the Legend certainly fills that bill.

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