Abigail Ratchford… How Much for You to Wax My Car?

Yo, can you feel that? The earth is quaking, the sky roaring… oh yes, it’s my internet and the mother****er just broke again!!

This time, it comes courtesy of Abigail Ratchford aka one of the sexiest women on the planet. In this video, Ratchford gets down and dirty as she scrubs down an American automobile in an America-inspired bikini.

In case you don’t know who Abigail Rqatchford is, well, don’t worry about it. Nobody does! According to her imdb page, she is an aspiring actress that has yet to star in any films or televisions shows. She has, however, appeared in a number of men’s magazines both here in the United States and Australia.

Her bio says, “Abigail Ratchford, born in Pennsylvania, is an American model and aspiring actress known for taking the Internet by storm in 2013. Abigail’s deft use of social media, combined with the provocative pictures showcasing the brunette’s 36DD-24-36 frame, proved a winning combination.”

Either way, with a set of lungs like that, I’m sure she’ll get picked up somewhere; maybe, she can get killed off in some B-level horror flick.


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