Jeep Showcases 7 Brand-New Concepts For the Almighty Moab Event

Later this month, Jeep will be trekking to the “Mecca” of off-roading events– the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. And to mark the importance of this event, Jeep will bring along SEVEN brand-new, utterly bad ass concept vehicles.


Among this new line-up, Jeep has everything from a throwback inspired baby-blue “Jeep Chief” to alternatives for the Renegade and Cherokee models.

jeepOf course, many may be thinking… a large, Mid-March concept debut sounds kind of unusual for Jeep… but actually, it isn’t. They have long used the event as a special platform for new ideas and projects. Why?

Well, Jeep CEO MIke Manley says, “[Moab] is really an off-road mecca, where a lot of our most die-hard, off-roaders come for that entire week. For us being there, not just to get feedback on our vehicles, but also just be part of the community is so important.”

That is no exaggeration, either. In fact, every year thousands of gear heads travel to Moab’s week long event, hoping to get a glimpse of the pinnacle of off-road excitement. And with this long list of debuts, they are getting just that. Check out the photos of Jeep’s new vehicles below. ENJOY!!







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