Drag Racing 3,000 BHP Hummer Blazes Across the Santa Maria Speedway

This amazing ride is owned by Grant Fraysier, a man that wanted to make a blend between an off-road monster and a drag racing street machine. His result… a 3,029 hp/ 2006 lb-ft of torque Frankenstein creation that could blow away just about anything that you’ve ever seen.

hummer2Helping make this possible, Fraysier enlisted the help of Steve Morris Engines– who decided to replace the natural Detroit Diesel V8 with a specialized 615 cubic inch Big Block Chevy motor.

According to Off Road Extreme, “Steve Morris built the 3,000+ hp mill using an all forged Steve Morris block, forged pistons, and gargantuan cylinder heads. The engine makes its titan power thanks to a billet intake manifold and a massive monster 136 ProCharger which runs at 41 psi. Other mods include a Holley EFI multi-port injection system that sprays the high octane methanol fuel.”


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