Nissan Is Actually Bringing This Sonic the Hedgehog Creation to Production???

Debuuting at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, nobody, NOBODY thought that this Nissan Sway was making its way to production. Instead, we all thought it was just going to end up in the trash heap, next to a million other concept oddities that have debuted over the years.

But in a surprise move earlier this week, Nissan announced that they are considering bringing the Sway to production. They would do this as part of an expansion of their sub-compact hatch lineup, lining it next to the Note.

According to Automotive News, the Sway “features a panoramic floating roof, an aggressive and sporty wedgelike front end, and a back end that nearly crosses the line into crossover status. Says Nissan global design chief Shiro Nakamura: ‘Think of it as almost a small Murano.'”

But what do you think? Is this thing ugly AF? Or should it be brought to market?

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