UNBELIEVABLE Footage of 18-Month Old Baby Being Rescued from Utah Accident

Last week, an amazing story surfaced out of Utah about an 18-month old baby girl surviving for 14 hours after her mother flipped and crashed the family’s car into a frigid Utah river.

Now, video has emerged of the baby’s dramatic rescue.

In the video, we see and hear the voices of frantic rescuers as they plunge into the rocky banks of the Spanish Fork River. After a few seconds, we see the mother hanging limply upside down as one of the rescuers snags the baby girl from the back seat and lifts her to safety.

After that, she is passed to the man with the body camera as he says…

“Got it… Come on, baby… She’s definitely hypothermic.”

babyCradling the baby, the officer then races her up the rocky banks and places her inside of the ambulance, patting her on her back trying to get her to breathe. Initially, though, the baby is unresponsive as her arms are stiff and skin pale.

The rescuers continue on, though, as they perform CPR and try to warm her.

“We’re almost there… Are you getting a pulse?” one man asks.

“I can’t feel anything.”

Eventually, long after the initial exhaustive efforts and the body camera footage had ended, the baby finally did respond when she threw up in the emergency room and began to breathe.

From there, she was brought back to her family, including her father– 34-year old Deven Trafney– who was out of town on a job at the time of the accident.

“(I) came in, I put my finger in her hand, and I told her her Dad was here, and I love her,” Trafney told reporters on Wednesday. “I haven’t left her bedside since, and I’ve just been here just sitting next to her waiting for her to get better so she can come home.”

One thought on “UNBELIEVABLE Footage of 18-Month Old Baby Being Rescued from Utah Accident

  1. Reblogged this on NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! and commented:
    It’s nice to know somebody is thinking about Little Lily. But as I got into this, I realized there was much more here; if you listen to the video, the teamwork is GREAT, the communication is an inspiration, and the urgency is so matter-of-factly…. PREPARATION is the key word!!!!


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