Borgward Showcases Classic Model and Announces Planned Return After 55 Years

One of the undeniable beauties at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is this classic ride coming from Borgward. Wait… who the hell is Borgward and why does it sound so familiar??

Originally founded in 1919, Borgward was actually Germany’s 3rd largest automaker during the 1950s and produced gems that ranged from small and medium-sized cars to light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Some of the most famous cars coming from their 42 year run (the company disbanded in 1961 amid financial troubles)  include the Hansa 1500, the P 100, and the gorgeous Isabella.

borg6That’s great and all, but why is the company turning up at the Geneva Motor Show more than 50 years after the company’s dissolution?

Well, it turns out that Christian Borgward has decided to pick up the pieces of his grandfather’s company and is planning to debut a new vehicle later this year at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

According to the company, the new ride will be a “state-of-the-art emobility system” (aka electric) and will be a driver’s “personal assistant, companion, entertainer, information provider, and caretaker.”

Jeez, pretty weird, but at least, they didn’t include lover on that list– that is unless they were planning on doing some pretty heavy mods to that tailpipe.

According to the company, they’ve been working on their scheduled release since the beginning of the new millennium and have done everything possible to make the car a true game changer.

Borgward’s Head of Design, Einar Hareide, says, “We need to be ahead of our customers and understand the society and culture in which the vehicle shall exist. Based on that, we can create products that really do something beneficial and provide innovative solutions to issues that customers might not even be aware of. Borgward was famous for introducing new innovations with every car. We intend to follow this principle.”

Based on the beauty of their classic rides and the madness of their latest statement, let me be the first to say… I can’t wait to see what this company has in store!

Check out the rest of the pics from Borgward’s 2015 Geneva Motor Show appearance below…







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