Rolls Royce Confirms New “All-Terrain” Vehicle

Rolls Royce has long been considered a vehicle for the rich and famous, an elite option that ensures that you are a part of the secret club of American wealth. It’s style and sophistication, and as all good things in America are (or so they say), it carries a hint of snobbery.

Just take a look at Tom Brady– America’s quarterback, and not so coincidentally, a Rolls Royce owner. After winning this year’s Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady scoffed at driving a Chevy Colorado, deciding that he’d rather stick to his RR Ghost. American elitism at its finest!

But what if an average Joe like  you and me were to make it to the top? Would we have to give up our off-road roots to join the Rolls Royce club?

Well, not anymore. Earlier this week, Rolls Royce announced that they will be rolling out a brand-new RR “that can cross any terrain.”

rr2That, however, does not mean they are making an SUV because it seems that Rolls Royce considers themselves above the “hacky” SUV term.

“We operate in a different segment, we are not in competition with other car manufacturers,” says Rolls-Royce UK communications manager James Warren. “Our customers compare our products with the purchase of a yacht, a holiday home, even a piece of fine art. We dominate the €200,000 and above market.”

While not giving any of the specific details yet,  Rolls Royce did clarify exactly what they will be offering in their official press release, announcing:

– A car that offers the luxury of a Rolls-Royce in a vehicle that can cross any terrain
– A car that meets our customers’ highly mobile, contemporary lifestyle expectations
– A Rolls-Royce that is as much about the pioneering, adventurous spirit of Charles Rolls as it is about Sir Henry Royce’s dedication to engineering and innovation
– A car that appropriately reflects Rolls-Royce’s brand promise of effortless luxury
– A high-bodied car, with an all-new aluminium architecture
– A unique new motor car worthy of carrying the Spirit of Ecstasy into the future”

Rolls Royce, of course, is the third high-end manufacturer to surprisingly announce that they will be entering the SUV market, following Jaguar and Bentley.  The other two have already had early success, with both already racking up more than 4,000 pre-orders apiece.

To ensure their success, Rolls Royce says they will be testing the new luxury off-road ride on the Scottish Reliability Trails, the London to Edinburgh event, and the Alpine Trials. No release date has yet been released, but we will keep you updated.

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