Female Stunt Driver Scares the S**t Out of Blind Dates in New Ford Mustang

Going on a date with a sexy blonde chick would be enough for most guys. But imagine going on a date with a sexy blonde, professional stunt driver.

Well, in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Ford gave a few naive, slightly goofy guys the thrill of a lifetime by setting them up with just that.

Initially, as seen in the video, the guys don’t realize what they’re in for as they hop in the new 2015 Ford Mustang, thinking that they’re riding along with just another dumb blonde. The chick even plays up the fact by acting as if she has no idea how to handle the ride, leading one guy to even say, “Let me drive. I’ll show you what this thing can do.”

Dumbfounded another guy says, “Uhhh. Yeah, i think you may want to shift that.”

That’s when the beauty suddenly decides to flip the switch, speeding into an old parking lot, flipping the ride around with precision and skill. Instantly, each of the guys turns to their “I think I just sh*t my pants” face. One guy even begins to moan and another nearly hyperventilates, gasping, “Why are we going so fast??”

It’s a video definitely worth watching. Here, check it out…

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