Honda Driver Tries to Get Ballsy… HUGE Fail

Published 5 days ago, this video has gone viral, snagging about 500,000 views already. In the video, we see a moronic Honda driver (surprise, surprise) try to pass a huge semi on a merge lane. Unfortunately for the bozo, he runs out of room and spirals out of control.

Youtube user FreshNTasty posted the video and said, “This is in Milton, Ontario, Canada. It happened on Steeles Ave on the bridge going over highway 401 (the “busiest highway in the world”). Lucky he didn’t go up and over the snow bank and guardrail.”

“Video was shot with a DOD LS430W dashcam for those wondering. It looks like the Honda had a dashcam too. Hope he posts his video.”

Luckily nobody was hurt in the incident, but it did make for a great video. Check it out here.

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