BRUTAL Pickup Truck Accident

Official crash statistics for 2014 have yet to be released, but based on the typical numbers coming from the NHTSA, there will most likely be somewhere around 35,000 vehicular deaths and a WHOPPING 3.8 million injuries.

In total, those numbers usually amount to an unbelievable amount in monetary damages. Journalist Richard Read writes, “The auto-related fatalities, injuries, and property damage that occurred in 2013 came with a high price tag. When you add up all the medical expenses, employer costs, lost wages, property damage, and related expenses, the total clocks in at $267.5 billion. As high as that is, though, it’s still three percent lower than 2012.”

Still, even when hearing about all of that money, it doesn’t hit as hard as seeing an accident happen in real time. Last night, LiveLeak uploaded this brutal accident between a few pickup trucks. Check it out and be safe on the roads…

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