America’s Top Selling Vehicles in 2015… So Far

Rolling over from last year’s remarkable year, 2015’s auto sales are still sky high with nearly every major manufacturer enjoying a boom in profits and sale numbers. In total, a mind numbing 1,152,480 vehicles were sold just last month, which is a 13.7 increase from last year’s January figures!

But, what are the top selling vehicles in America so far this year?? Well, let’s take a look…


5. The Toyota Camry

Through the first month of 2015, the Toyota Camry has sold an impressive 26,763 cars with a sticker price ranging from $22,000- $31,000.This should be no surprise, though. The Camry has been a hot-seller for years now, leaning on a balanced formula that appeals to the average car buyer. The Camry features two engine options: a 268 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 with a six speed automatic transmission or a 178 horsepower 2.5 liter four cylinder with a six speed automatic.


4. The Toyota Corolla

With a sticker price ranging anywhere from $16,000- $22,000, the Corolla leaped into the number four position by selling 27,357 vehicles through the first month of this year. Why are they selling like hotcakes? Well, the Corolla has made some advances when it comes to both styling and performance, helping the ride to get an impressive 37 mpg on the highway! The corolla features two engine options that include: a 132 horsepower, 18 liter dual VVT-I engine (option 6 speed manual or 4 speed automatic) or a 140 horsepower 1.8 liter engine with Valvematic and CVT transmission.


3. The Ram 1500-3500

The truck market killed in 2014, and those numbers are still high in 2015. Riding the low gas-price wave, Dodge’s Ram series sold a strong 28,618 trucks in January– helping them to land them in 3rd place overall! The 1500, the most popular version, features a trio of cab styles (regular, Quad, and Crew), along with 3 engine options– a 3.6 liter V6, a 5.7 liter HEMI V8, or a V6 Turbo Diesel. Out of the three major truck manufacturers, Dodge was also the only one to adamantly speak out against a transition to aluminum, wanting their trucks to instead resemble American strength and FORCE.


2. The Chevy Silverado

With a sticker price ranging between $26,000 and $51,000, the Chevy Silverado clocks in at second, selling 36,106 trucks in January alone! That’s about 7,500 more than the Dodge Ram! The truck, of course, has elevated to its current stature by leaning on its behemoth strength and improved fuel efficiency. As far as the engine goes, the Silverado offers three variations on their all-new EcoTec 3 engines.


1. The Ford F-Series

Over the last few months, there’ve been a lot of naysayers and critics talking negatively about Ford’s decision to change-up their classic F-150 formula. In the end, those words meant absolutely nothing as customers found that the new F-150 really can handle the pounding. In the end, the entire Ford F-Series lineup smoked the competition by selling an UNBELIEVABLE 54,370 vehicles in January alone. That’s almost 20,000 more than the #2 Chevy Silverado!




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