Ford F-150 FX4 Tows Semi Truck Through Chicago Blizzard

It’s been a pretty intense winter with many areas experiencing blizzards and record snow fall. One of the worst areas hit by the snow, without a doubt, has been Chicago. Things have actually gotten so bad in the Windy City that 13 people died from shoveling their record levels of snow!!

But for the Ford F-150 FX4 in this video, the snow proved to be nothing more than a small pain.

Video uploader Rage Haiku says, “Morning after the big Chicago Blizzard of January 31-February 2 2015, this 18-wheeler was stuck in the snow on George street in Avondale/Logan Square. It was there for four hours, until this Ford F-150 FX4 came by and helped pull it free.”

Check out the video of four-wheel drive, turbo charged pickup for yourself.

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