Fast & Furious 7 Super Bowl Ad Sparks Excitement

Set to debut on April 3rd of this year, the new Fast and Furious movie has been the most anticipated in the franchise’s history. Part of this, of course, has to do with the untimely death of Paul Walker (who will be appearing in the film), and part of it stems from the rejuvenated success of the franchise in recent installments.

Last night, excitement and hype was sparked to a new all-time high when the film’s latest trailer was showcased on the national Super Bowl stage (side note– $4.5 million per ad??? INSANE).

In the ad, we hear Vin Diesel speak about family; we see beautiful exotic rides and pure American muscle perform death-defying stunts; and we see a laundry list of stars parade across the screen. In case you missed it… CHECK IT OUT NOW!!

Oh, and if you want to see the full-length trailer, get your popcorn ready and check that out, too. It’s amazing.

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