Video: Ken Block Shows Off Monster F-150 RaptorTRAX Upgrade

raptor3Ken Block’s modified F-150 Raptortrax is an off-road monster that could be the object of any gear head’s wet dream. Built off of the previous generation F-150 Raptor, Block’s build-up features a Ford-tuner SVC (Special Vehicle Concepts) with a Whipple supercharger, both of which help to boost the truck’s stock 6.2-liter V8 engine into a wild 650 horsepower trailblazer!!

Of course, the most noticeable alteration to Block’s ride are the tank-like Mattracks. Built to take on tarmac, gravel, and especially snow, each one of these weigh in at a brutal 350 pounds. Amazingly, fitting these things didn’t take much modification from Block. Instead, the only alteration that needed to be made was a simple lift to provide more clearance. For that, Block turned to the almighty and always reliable King Shocks.

Block’s upgrades didn’t stop there, though. Adding to the impressive setup, Block also upgraded his lighting system by turning to Rigid Lights.

raptor2Block says of this upgrade, “These things are amazing. We are able to light up the roads and everywhere we go in the back country at night. You know, it’s really imperative to be able to see and be able to carry momentum through a lot of these roads, so you don’t get stuck. This light setup has been quite amazing.”

To check out the full upgrade and the sick, grinding footage of the Raptortrax, check out the video below.





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