Flaming Mercedes Speeds Downhill Through Local Neighborhood

Earlier this week, video emerged of a flaming Mercedes-Benz C Class W202 flying through a local neighborhood. Initially stopped at the top of the hill, the Mercedes caught fire and was soon abandoned by the driver. Minutes later, firefighters arrived on the scene, ready to douse the fire.

There was one problem, though. Neither the driver nor the firefighters (not that I’d stick my head in that fiery inferno, either) took the time to put the car in park or pull the handbrake.

So, what happened? Well, when the water pressure from the firefighters’ hoses hit the vehicle, it started to roll downhill into the local neighborhood.

Fortunately, about 50 yards down, the car hit the road’s guardrail, allowing firefighters to catch up and put the fire out. In the end, nobody was hurt, but the incident DID make for one great video. Check it out…

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