NY Couple Sued for Parking F-150 in Their Driveway

pick3In the small town of Malius, New York, a homeowners association is suing two of its residents for parking their own pickup in their own driveway!! The Kimry Moor Homeowners Association is citing its standard regulations, which limits parking in driveways only to “private, passenger-type, pleasure automobiles.”

According to court filings, the homeowners association owns all of the neighborhood driveways and has stated that pickups could and should be parked inside of the garage, not in the driveway.

What a joke!! Will someone pull the stick out of these people’s asses!!!

David and Arna Orlando, the owners of the targeted black Ford 150 pickup, are in shock over the indictment. “This is absurd,” a near speechless Orlando said to New York reporters.

Now, the Orlando’s have been forced to lawyer up (there goes a cool ten grand down the toilet) and are prepared to fight this one out in the Onondago Supreme Court.

pick2The Orlando’s lawyer, Tom Cerio, says, “[The Orlando’s pickup is a ] private, passenger-type, pleasure automobile… not a commercial vehicle. This is a silly rule. It’s fair to say the association is definitely overreaching. And they are enforcing this rule for a personal use vehicle.”

The Association, however, is not backing down. They have stated that the case “is a matter of restrictive covenants, and interpretation of those covenants” and that the F-150 “is not a passenger vehicle by definition.”

Some of the other rules enforced by Nazi, Germany the Association include not hanging laundry outside or on a clothesline; no parking of boats, trailers; no tents or shacks; no unusual noise or odors should come from a residence and holiday decorations must be displayed “in a subdued and proper manner.”

Welcome to the end of America as we know it!


4 thoughts on “NY Couple Sued for Parking F-150 in Their Driveway

  1. I highly doubt anyone ever held a gun to these peoples heads and told them they had to live there. I agree the HOA is overstepping their boundaries by coming down on a passenger vehicle not used for commercial purposes, but then again, if the rules in these places bug people, nobody said those people had to live here at all. Definitely NOT the end of America, but nice try with the over-sensationalization type comment. I’m a 4×4 nut, trust me, but I would never ever live in an area even close to that, nor would I ever think any 4×4 nut would want to…… with that many restrictions and stiff upper lip, nose in the air type rules. If someone moves in here and bitches about the rules, they have nobody to blame but themselves.


    • the only thing wrong with your comment is that these people did abide by the community rules. The HOA is trying to enforce something that is not a rule; they just don’t want the truck in the community


  2. I guess if I was the residences of this property, and the HOA owned the driveways in the community I would most likely slip and fall injuring myself. Just look at the condition of the drive way all snow and Ice covered.. Guess they are not taking very good care of the property..


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