1964 Ferrari 250 Le Mans Sells For Astonishing $9.6 Million

fer3Each year in Arizona, RM Auctions opens up its doors and gives old, rich tycoons an opportunity to flaunt their cash in the name of automotive glory. This year, the flaunting elevated to an entirely new level with the sale of a 1964 Ferrari 250 Le Mans.

Unbelievably, this ride– which is the 9th of 32 existing ’64 models– broke Arizona auction records by selling for a whopping $9,625,000.

As high as that number may seem, it ranks below other RM sales, including the 1965 Le Mans winning Ferrari that sold in New York in 2013 for $14.3 million, as well another Ferrari that sold in in Monterey last year for $11.5 million.

Still, those numbers should not take away from this Arizona selling model. As one of the earliest mid-engined Ferraris, the 1964 250 Ferrari was the last of Maranello’s Le Mans winners. In addition to that impressive victory, the now $9.6 million Ferrari was a blow away winner at the Sierre-Montana Crans Hill Climb and at the XV Coppa Inter-Europa.

fer7From there, the ride– chassis number 5899 GT– was featured as a display at the Geneva Auto Show before being sold and exchanged a half dozen times by those faceless, rolling-in-dough Europeans.

Alongside the blazing ’64 Ferrari, there were some other noteworthy sales at the RT Auctions last weekend in Arizona. Some of the headliners included a 1967 Ferarri 275 GTB/4 that sold for $3.6 million; a 2005 Ferrari FXX Evolzione that sold for $1.6 million; and a 1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ that sold for $1.9 million. All in all, there was a mind numbing $63.7 million in sales at the event.




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