Berserk Elephant Smashes Up Passing Car at Thailand National Park

Earlier this week, a video emerged of an elephant going berserk in one of Thailand’s biggest national parks. Filmed by local tourist, Yuthida Phachirat, the video shows the larger than life animal stomping his front two legs on to the hood of a passing car in a bout of frustration.

Amazingly, this was just one of a number of cars that the elephant abused during the day, as he also grinded his ass on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz. So, why exactly did this guy get so crazy?

“The drivers stopped when they saw the elephant and the elephant could not cross the road so he felt stressed and stomped the car,” said Kanchit Srinoppawan, head of Khao Yai National Park, in an interview with the Associated Foreign Press.

Adding to the animosity, the park says that their 300+ wild elephants are currently in the midst of mating season (Cover your tailpipes!!!). It’s a period known as musth, which can produce much higher levels of testosterone that creates aggressiveness, irritability, and even itchiness.

As far as other ways that drivers should protect themselves in the park, Kanchit says, “When you see an elephant do not honk, do not flash your car lights, do not take photos and keep your engine running.”

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