Dennis Anderson Goes Back to His Country Roots with the King Sling Monster Mud Truck

kingsling2Over the last few decades, Dennis Anderson– the creator of the infamous Grave Digger monster truck– has blown up into the biggest name in the professional monster truck world. In fact, he’s become so massively popular that his shop and smorgasbord of trucks have been featured on MTV, SPEED, and TNT countless times.

Being around for so long, though, you might think that Anderson would eventually go stale and lose popularity. But if last year is any indicator, the exact opposite might be happening.

Throughout 2014, millions of people around the country came out to Anderson’s shows, hoping to be stupefied. Anderson did not disappoint!

Travelling back in time, Anderson spent much of the past few years getting in touch with his country roots as he ditched his flashy Grave Digger truck for a custom built monster MUD truck, which he has named King Sling. What a name, right?!?!?!

According to the vehicle’s profile, the surging King Sling is a 1941 Willys truck with custom cut tractor tires that also features a modern chassis and suspension components. Even more impressive is the fact that this mind melting monster generates more than 2,000 horsepower at just half the weight of his Grave Digger truck!!

king slingBangshift’s Brian Lohnes writes, “If you combined an alcohol dragster, a monster truck, and a lunatic you would get Dennis Anderson and his insane King Sling mud truck… It is a four wheel drive beast designed to skim over, sky over, and drive over anything stupid enough to come into its path.”

Amazingly, at 54 years old and with the help of his King Sling, it appears that Anderson is feeling younger than ever with no plans of stopping any time soon.

“It still beats you up pretty good,but even at my age, I can usually shake it off in 24 hours,” says Anderson in an interview with Car and Driver. “When I’m in the truck, I still feel like I’m 25.”

And who can blame him? If you’re living the dream, why cut it short?

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